What should you consider when hiring a Chimney Sweep? - SmartSweep Chimney 2017

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What should you consider when hiring a Chimney Sweep?

Sweeping & Inspections

We perform a complete sweeping of your entire fireplace system, top to bottom, and always inspect every system we sweep. Beware of “Blow-N-Go” companies that don’t address the entire system, especially at the lower end near the heat source. This includes the hidden smoke chamber and smoke shelf areas, which are often neglected by some companies, leaving behind combustible creosote.

Sweeping and inspecting a standard fireplace system should take about an hour and a half, and sometimes takes longer. We will inspect your system for stage three glazed creosote and rotary sweep to remove it. This is the kind of creosote that can burn down an entire house. Don’t let anyone convince you they can simply blow air up the chimney and call it clean. Creosote must be mechanically swept and removed— it can’t just be blown out!

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